Leslie Haze



About Leslie:

Growing up in Manhattan Beach, California I had dreams of working in the film industry. Instead, after I graduated from high school, my entire family moved to Southern Oregon and I found myself living on a horse ranch. Quite a change! On a whim I decided to take a few broadcasting classes at SOU which gave me the chance to work at their public radio station. That “whim” has turned into a career that I love! I get paid to listen to music and talk! If you ask me…I hit the jackpot!

Through the years I’ve worked at a Portland radio station, done weekly news segments on a local TV channel, TV commercials, & lots of voice work…but, Southern Oregon radio is what I love best!

When I’m not in the studio I’m spending time with my best friend, who also happens to be my husband, our twin boys, who are 3, and our “first born” Charlie Brown! I love my extended family, spending time with my friends, baking/cooking, traveling, & shopping! I also love that my job allows me to help children & animal charities (especially, The Southern Oregon Humane Society)!

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 The Twins

Leslie Twin Pic

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown